Our Mission

Education: To provide education in terms of plant-based nutrition for all the people of the world.

Networking: To participate and strengthen the existing organizational network of plant-based nutrition education.

New Literature: To create new literature and establish plant-based nutrition vocabulary.

Empowerment: To utilize current technologies to empower people with knowledge as to the benefits of plant-based nutrition.

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Jim & Dorothy

Jim & Dorothy Oswald - founders and co-directors of IPBN.

Welcome. We hope you'll take advantage of our NEWUPDATED online resource of information about plant based nutrition, as well as our links to great vegan / vegetarian web sites.

  - Jim Oswald

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Demonstration Garden Project

Demonstration Garden Project

The IPBN Site One Demonstration Garden Project occupies 100-square feet of level ground...

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"We believe that eating plants is the healthiest, happiest, most fun nutritional strategy a human being can adopt. It is excellent for the environment, the economy, and future success of all beings on the planet."

- Jim Oswald

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